Article we missed from 2010 - Whistler Question

This is an article taken from an interview Matt did last year before the "Matt Stanley and The Decoys" show in Whistler last December.


Matt Stanley, singer and guitarist for Matt Stanley and the Decoys, applies a pretty down-to-earth and almost Zen-like approach to his band’s future.

“You really don’t know in what pace success will come,” he said. “You don’t want success to come before you’re ready. But all you can do is do what you love to do.”

People in Whistler will have the chance to experience the band’s passion on Friday (Dec. 17) when they perform at Merlin’s.

Stanley formed the group two years ago, after he had spent another two years before that writing and recording material.

In early 2007 he released The Life and Times EP, a full-fledged EP that was originally meant to be a “professional-sounding demo.”

Soon after releasing the solo effort, Stanley was solicited by musicians who wanted in on his 1960s and ‘70s-influenced rock sound.

The current line-up includes Jarrett Boyetchko on lead guitar, Brandon Donovan on bass guitar, Sean Poissant on drums and Stanley belting out lead vocals and sharing guitar duties.

Although he fronts the band, Stanley said the whole collective contributes to the musical process.

“As far as songwriting goes, sometimes I come in with something and we all work on it, elaborate and expand,” he said. “Or maybe Jarrett comes in with a riff and we work on that. And after working on something, if it doesn’t fit our sound, then we put it aside and work on something else for a while.”

Although known as a Canadian rock and roll band that is influenced by a love for classic ‘60s and ‘70s music, Stanley said they never strive for a certain sound.

“We don’t try to sound retro,” he said.

The band is currently working on a second CD, and Stanley said it’s much easier this time around.

“The EP was just me at the time,” he said. “So I played all the instruments and overdubbed everything myself. It was exhausting. But this time I have the guys all working on their own parts.”

There’s more creativity as well, he said.

“Having the full band working on the CD you have the other members coming up with stuff you might not have thought of,” he said.

Following the show in Whistler, the band hits Vancouver for a few shows over Christmas, then more of B.C. in the new year.

“We’ll likely release a few singles before we put out the full album,” Stanley said. “We’ll just tour, do what we love to do, and hope people catch on.”

Catch Matt Stanley and the Decoys Friday (Dec. 17) at Merlin’s at 10 p.m. Tickets are $4 in advance or $6 at the door.

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