Article on the band in Kamloops This Weeks' 'Notes On':

Dale Bass
May 13th, 2011


• WHO: Matt Stanley and the Decoys includes Stanley — obviously — along with Jarrett Boyetchko on lead guitar, Brandon Donovan on bass and Sean Poissant on drums. Stanley also plays guitar and does lead vocals.

As for that last couple of words, here’s how they ended up Decoys: “Before our first show in November of 2008, we still hadn’t chosen a name for the band. So, out of desperation, we sat around in our rehearsal space and passed around a dictionary. Each person would go to a random page and put their finger on a word,then they’d read a word out loud. We went around a couple of times and nothing seemed to actually work. Then our former drummer Rob Simpson had another turn and put his finger on the word decoy. It was the first word that actually worked as a band name — we liked it and it stuck.”


• WHAT: The band is pretty much straight-up rock and roll with some alternative rock thrown in just to keep the audience hopping. Next month, they’re releasing a new recording that pretty much sums up their kind of music: Stripped, Bare, and on Display. It should be available online in June and in stores in early summer.


• WHEN: Well, now, here’s the story: In 2006, Stanley broke from his old band and started working on his own. In the summer of 2008, that work led to him releasing a six-song EP of his own works. That led to a call from Boyetchko, who liked what he heard and wondered if Stanley needed a band. Boyetchko knew Donovan, Stanley knew Poissant and, at the end of the day, the Decoy was created.


• WHERE: When they play Kamloops, most of the time they’re out in Brocklehurst at the Pogue Mahone Irish Alehouse, one of a few bars in town that really works hard to promote local musicians. But, the band has also headed out of town often for gigs in Kelowna and Vancouver.


• WHY: Sometimes there’s a reason for a band to be together. Sometimes there’s not. Best way to sum up the existence of Matt Stanley and the Decoys? They’re musicians through and through. Heck, when he’s not jamming or peforming, Stanley’s teaching guitar, bass and drums.


• HOW: How to follow them? Go online herehere or here.