Album News and First Listen Of "I Know".


Finally we can announce the release of our new studio album (and first with the Decoys). It’s called “Stripped, Bare, And On Display.”  There’s no official release date yet, but we plan to release it in the next couple of months. It will be available on ITunes, Amazon Mp3’s, and other digital music sites. It will also be available on CD at our shows and on our official website

The album artwork is being designed by lead guitarist Jarrett Boyetchko, and will be posted on the site, along with the release date, for you all to see very soon.

The tracklisting is:

  1. Streetlight
  2. Modern Disaster
  3. Sandlot Kids
  4. Why You Gotta Talk To Me Like That?
  5. I Know
  6. Been Buried
  7. No Silence
  8. Bridge

Until then, check out the first single, titled “I Know”. 

Thanks for waiting so long…..we hope you enjoy it,

~Jarrett, Brandon, Sean, and Matt